“For I know well the plans I have for you says the Lord. Plans for your welfare and not for woe. Plans to give you a future full of hope.” – Jeremiah 29:11

How It Happened

These words spoken by God the Father to the prophet Jeremiah echo the promise of God for this Catholic faith Community of Light of the World.

Established in 1979 Light of the World Roman Catholic Church has served the Catholic community in the Southwest Metro area including Littleton, Morrison and Lakewood.

Over its 32 year history the parish has expanded its present worship space, added the Community Center and built the Parish Pastoral Offices. With a desire to complete the original plan for a permanent sacred structure for the celebration of Mass, the sacraments and all Liturgical events, once the parish was debt free, the Parish Leadership began to look towards fulfilling that plan and expanding the ministerial work of the parish in order to serve the many needs of a growing parish family.

After years of prayer and study, today that plan has become a reality. With an awareness of the challenges and limitations we face, Eidos Architects have partnered with our Parish Development Team to produce a magnificent Church that will meet our liturgical and spiritual needs while remodeling will free up other space to continue and increase our educational, pastoral and social needs.

With an understanding of the Church’s history and tradition the new Church faces the East with the pinnacle of the sanctuary rising to the heavens and crowned with the cross of Christ as a witness to our faith for the whole community to see.

With an eye for detail and a respect the past, present and future of our Parish this magnificent edifice stands as the crowning jewel of all our facilities, establishing our worship as the very foundation of our existence and the fountain from which all our life and ministry flows.

Stations of the Cross painted by Devin Montagne

The main entrance invites the worshiping community into the Narthex of the Church where they are greeted by the welcome of Christ the Light of the World statue with a glimpse towards the Eucharistic chapel.

As one walks through the Narthex, you can access the Calming Room, the Eucharistic Chapel, the new facility for the parish hall, the west gallery and of course the new Church.

When standing in the Narthex and entering the Church, each person is reminded of the baptism and their first entrance into the Church as the baptismal font from the old worship space is the source of living water into the pools of baptism. As the faithful enter blessing themselves with holy water from the font, they mirror the image of the cross they see suspended from the ceiling over the altar in the sanctuary.

To the left is access to the sound and video booth. To the right the window of the calming room into the Church.

The pews in the nave of the Church where the faithful will be seated with their kneelers for the comfort of reverent prayer are formed in a bent shape for comfort and a greater amount of seating to accommodate over 1200 faithful.

The subtle yet intentional use of light throughout the Church plays a role in the architects design. While providing necessary shade for the use of the video technology, light floods into the sanctuary while it washes across the south walls of the Church to bring further emphasis to the name and title of Christ our patron.

To the left and right of the sanctuary ample space is provided for the musicians of the parish and the variety of choir, contemporary and music of praise and worship.

Behind the sanctuary is a liturgical storage area for the various liturgical items necessary for the daily, weekend and seasonal liturgies.

Standing in the center aisle of the Church and turning to face the exit the faithful recognize that the main aisle of the Church honors our history as it sits on the same axis with the main gallery maintaining that monastic sense of design.

Going back into the narthex the faithful have complete access to stop and make a prayer visit in the adoration chapel or continue on into Lux Mundi Hall, the former worship space now able to return to a multi-purpose parish hall.

Check out the gallery of our church below with photos taken by LOTW parishioner Tyler Taitano.