How do I participate?

It is important that you include your Household ID when filling out the census, you should receive it the week of September 14th, either through email or mail.
If you are unable to complete the census online, contact our parish office at 303-973-3969.


Who needs to participate in the census?

Everyone. Even if you think we have all your contact records in order, we still need to hear from you on a few key questions so that we can better serve you.

What is on the census?

The census is comprised of two parts. The first asks you to update your household contact information: your names, address, phone numbers, emails, and sacrament information. The second helps us understand a little bit more about you: what is your preferred method of communication, how would you like to receive parish announcements, what motivates you to give to the parish, and do you prefer to give online or by envelopes?

How long is the census?

It’s short! It takes five minutes to complete.

When is the deadline?

Friday, October 2, 2020. After the results are compiled, our parish staff will share the results with you.